3 Reasons Your discovergreece.com greek island hopping Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

The stunning mountainous islands, scattered throughout the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian Seas, use a distinct point of view of Greece. Each of the islands, of which there are more than 150, is unique. The beautiful islands open a door to a different way of living that lets visitors escape everything and escape from the real life into someplace they have actually always wanted to be. Though life on lots of the islands simulates daily life in the rest of the world, with a similar environment, the internet and vehicles, each island is different and provides a piece of history and relaxation that can be discovered no place else in the world.


The different islands have numerous locations where one can check out historical sites. Crete, the biggest of the islands, has these websites, sprinkled with ancient cities, all throughout the island. Other islands, like Aigina, have similar ruins. Aigina has dozens of ruins and temples, including the Temple of Aphaia. Rhodes uses among the best medieval cities on the planet.

Life Without Cars

Though many of the islands have the same transportation as we do everywhere else, some Islands, like Ydra, Poros, Hydra and Spetses do not have them at all. You can explore these islands by bike, ferryboat, horse-powered cars or by yourself 2 feet. They're little, so cars are unnecessary and it's possible to see whatever just on a walk. Other islands that don't offer rental cars and trucks offer buses and mopeds for transport, so you do not require to drag your things to the hotel.

Stunning Beaches and Watersports

Some state the island, Spetses, has https://www.discovergreece.com/en/greek-islands/island-hopping the most gorgeous beaches worldwide. Some are sandy, some are pebbly, however they're all gorgeous. Others state the gorgeous sandy beaches of Ios are best, and others state the sandy beaches of Milos, with rocky structures to check out and white-washed buildings close by are best. Skopelos has beautiful, semi-private beaches that are only available by boat or small foot-trails. And still others say that Naxos has the best of the beaches, with beautiful golden sands. All the islands, however, offer gorgeous beaches that are ideal for taking pleasure in the sun, tanning and delighting in the stunning outdoors.

Each island has boating, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, parasailing, snorkeling and other watersports that visitors can enjoy.


What's a holiday however an opportunity to go shopping? Crete, in addition to its other properties, has dozens of towns and shops for buyers. Santorini, called the top destination for honeymooners, is something of a shopping paradise. Naxos and Paros have smaller sized shops and shops.


On the island of Mykonos, when the noise decreases, the people go out and it's time to party. Hydra has an amazing night-life and great deals of bars, restaurants and people ready to celebration. Also, Aigina also has a dynamic night life. Don't be fretted about being gazed at, if you exist to celebration, you'll be welcome.


It's pricey, however it's plentiful. Each of the islands uses standard Greek food, along with International choices that can fit anyone's taste buds. Attempt something new, however do not eat anything you're uncomfortable with.

Next time you're thinking about going on a vacation, don't mark down the Greek Islands. Envision seeing the white-washed buildings surrounded by oceans of deep blue water, the calm and peacefulness of a different life, and a possibility to party. You'll never regret the decision.